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Immendorf used to be a cornerstone of the 2004 hypothesis about systematic stellar orientation. Its three ditches and the four earth bridges in line with the gaps in the double palisade rings form very straight lines, the orientation of which was suspected to be astronomically motivated.

After horizon survey and modelling in the digital terrain it is now clear: there are no stellar orientations to be demonstrated here, the virtual model previously shown was in error.

Once again, the terrain is slightly sloped towards south, and so north and south entrances are close to the slope line, eastern and western entrance close to the contour line of today’s surface.

The sun can be seen rising in the eastern entrance about a week before spring equinox. Lacking parallels with other KGAs, this orientation does not present a clue on date-keeping or solar observations on this site.

This KGA can be visited, its western half is marked in the grass.